Kontora Pi

Community of the country's most talented mathematicians

Kontora Pi is a community of talented children and teachers devoted to maths who prepare the smart nation for a successful future!

Our members learn maths, master English, create unique business projects and change their way of thinking, shaping the most progressive part of the society.
Kontora Pi is your key to a better future!

What we offer 

Academic maths

We focus on teaching complex maths for academic competitions.

Further opportunities

We provide a wide range of support aimed at the development of talented mathematicians.

Caring attitude

We create a comfortable environment for learning and grant various opportunities for FREE education.

Multi-track approach

We develop each program paying close attention to the latest trends and engage the leading specialists in each field.

Who supports us

Petro Chernyshov

Leader and founder at Public Organization «Kontora Pi»


International company specializing in IT services and IT consulting for large and mid-sized commercial and non-profit international organizations and startups.


Club for people willing to improve their knowledge in maths.


Andrii Matviienko

2018 Сamp Counselor 

These 2 weeks were fascinating. The Camp has the best approach to children I've ever seen: a lot of various classes and constant learning that break common camp stereotypes. Everything is serious here, and more importantly, kids are really into it. Their leisure is well-scheduled and the children are glad to follow the timetable. Apart from science, sport is a vital part of the camp. Every morning, before the physical exercises, there was a group of children waiting for me to run 10 km with them. I was also happy that the kids supported one another, so in two weeks we got really close, just like a small Pi family:)

What Kontora Pi camp was like