Teachers' Camp

Join the community of talented math teachers.

In the spring of 2019, we’re opening the first specialized one-week camp for math teachers who are proactive, willing to change, keen to develop and change mathematical education in the country.
Venue: Kyiv.Dates: March 23-29, 2019.

  • Increase teachers' competence in academic maths, psychology, and soft skills
  • Promote the development of academic maths across the country
  • Share the knowledge and experience that we'll gain

What teachers we'd like to see


Loving their job and having their own projects, initiatives, or ideas regarding math development.


Having an active social position, willing to develop and become agents of change in their towns.


Interested in learning and developing academic maths.

Benefits of participation in Teachers' Camp

A holistic program of professional and personal growth for math teachers.

Quality learning

Lectures, seminars, workshops from the best professionals in academic maths, psychology, and soft skills. All for FREE.

Like-minded community

Meet and talk with talented math teachers. Use the community later on to share your experiences and communicate with other experts.

Other opportunities from Kontora Pi

Taking part in new professional events, organizing workshops to disseminate knowledge in other schools, inviting students to the Kontora Pi children's camp, promoting the implementation of the best projects locally, and much more.

Enrollment procedure

1. Registration (10 December 2018 - 15 January 2019 inclusive)

To participate in the program you should:
  - fill out the application form,
  - send your resume;
  - send a letter of motivation;
  - provide a detailed description of your own project, idea or initiative related to mathematics (will give an additional advantage).

2. Online interview (until the end of February 2019)

Upon registration, the camp organizing committee assigns an online interview for personal communication with the applicant.

3. Results announcement (1 March 2019)

The results will be sent to all applicants via email.